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parabolic solar-concentrator

This product was designed for "research and study" purposes and serves mainly as an experimental sunlight concentrator.
Typical test-fields are the heating and evaporation of fluids, investigations of spectral-colours/radiations and measurements of sunlight. Many additional applications and experiments are possible.

Concentration factor: approx. 1:1000   —   Focus spot diameter: approx. 30 mm

Photo 38 Parabolischer Kon-
zentrator (Versuchs-
Aufbau) nachgeführt
mit SolarTracker von
Photo 129 Skizze zum
Photo 119 Parabolischer
auf dem EGIS-

As the base for this concentrator serves a consumer parabolic antenna-reflector made out of aluminum. The sizes, tolerances, surface-structures and the physical behavior correlate these actualities.

Material: Aluminum 2.0 mm

  • The concave side is coated with a high quality optical vacuum-layer reflex system
  • The convex side (verso) is powder coated in silver-beige

Accessories are powder coated.

The convex side (verso) is powder coated in silver-beige:

The coating system employed is an optical high quality, interference-colors free layer system, whose functional layers were upset by vacuum coating and whose basic varnish layer were upset by powder coating. The protective layer is cloistered by plasma-polymerisation. Its thickness is chosen at an optical auspicious value < one-hundred nm.
The optical qualities of the reflex-layer keep stable up to a duty temperature limit of +one-hundred°C! It is not resistable to a range of chemivals as they may be found i. e. in rainwater impaired by environmental influences!

Surfaces with this protective layer are smear resistant corresponding to the requirements in accordance with DIN 58196-5. They are not scratch-resistant!
With attention on our cleaning tips and a careful handling the reflectors should stay scratch-free permanently after cleaning - without any quality-degrading injury of the surface.

In combination with the delivering of an EGIS-SolarTracker a complete conformed adapter is attached to the rotor.

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PA-KO1 Parabolic Solar-Concentrator 989.39

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Attention: There is only a little, limited amount of items available!

Technical improvements are subject of change!

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